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Al-Jaafari: Israel adds new crime to its record by supporting terrorists in UNDOF zone in Golan
 Daliy Newscast of Syrian Tv .20/11/2014
From the Media
The Telegraph: Labour MP: 2,000 Britons fighting for Islamic State
Barrett: ISIL Israeli mercenary army
West must work with President Assad to end Syria crisis: US Senate
Ignoring imperial past licenses a likely repeat
Obama\'s Middle East dilemma
Palestinian affairs are not Israel's concern
DSE session closes at 1,256.03 points
CBS sets USD exchange rate against SYP at 191.27
CBS to pump foreign currency into market next week
The Doha Council has lost its -sole- status!
Islamist rebels for France: Terrorists in Mali, friends in Syria!
Main stream media keep playing the same tone about the Russian change
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The monastery of Mar-Taqla, St. Taqla in Maloula
Statue of Pazuzu, king of wind demons
Syrian TV drama series gains gold award in Cairo Festival
Abdelkarim: Contents of Syrian museums are in good condition