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Jaafari: coercive measures by some countries led to inefficiency of the UN measures to improve humanitarian situation in Syria
 Daliy Newscast of Syrian Tv .20/11/2014
From the Media
The Daily Miror : Another British terrorist killed in Ayn al-Arab
Press TV: UK jails two citizens for joining terrorist groups
The Telegraph: Labour MP: 2,000 Britons fighting for Islamic State
The functioning of the Syrian Government and its State Institutions
Syria: The freedom of expression of the west stops where its interests are threatened
Mideast tensions could spill beyond region - Russia
DSE session closes at 1262.04 points
300 factories re-operating in Aleppo industrial city
Hama produces 47,000 tons of olives and 7,500 tons of oil
The Doha Council has lost its -sole- status!
Islamist rebels for France: Terrorists in Mali, friends in Syria!
Main stream media keep playing the same tone about the Russian change
  ALBUM      Tourism
The monastery of Mar-Taqla, St. Taqla in Maloula
Culture Minister affirms important role of art to stir the nation’s cultural stock
‚ÄúPalmyra‚Ķ the Sun Tale‚Ä̂Ķ exhibition showcasing 30 pictures on ancient city
Music of National Orchestra for Oriental Music takes audience on journey to Syrian areas