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President al-Assad: Failure of Western states and Turkey in the battle in Aleppo means failure of outside project and the transformation of the course of the war in Syria
Enlarge font size Reduce font size Shaaban: Syrian-Russian dialogue deep, understanding is genuine

Presidential Political and Media Adviser Bouthaina Shaaban stressed that the Syrian-Russian dialogue is deep on all levels and the understanding between the two sides is deep-rooted and genuine which aims at fighting terrorism and allowing the nations to decide their fate. Shaaban, said in an interview with al-Mayadeen TV aired on Friday, that there isn’t any problem between Damascus and Moscow, and that she came to Moscow to participate in Valdai Discussion Club for international dialogue, indicating that the participants in Valdai unanimously agreed on that terrorism has become a threat to all. Shaaban considered that the UN Security Council’s resolution regarding the Russian-US agreement on the cessation of fighting actions in Syria will make a change in the region and the world and the future of the alliances, adding that Syria, its army and allies who supported it in this war will have the honor of this change in the world. She indicated that France had tried to interfere and put terms that would harm the Russian-US draft resolution, yet it was not able to do so as the resolution will cover all the details of the agreement. Shaaban added that the contradictions in the US stances regarding the Russian- US agreement on the cessation of the fighting acts in Syria indicate that the Russian-US agreement comes in the interest of Russia and “the US wouldn’t agree on this track without saying or doing anything.” “This shows a kind of confusion inside the US, yet it will not affect the political track, and we mustn’t look at these contradictions with seriousness as long as the agreements are valid and certain, and there is keenness on pushing them forwards,” Shaaban said. She added that in the mid-eighties, Syria proposed a demand to the world on defining terrorism, yet the US and the West rejected to define it because defining it will mean that the occupation is the worst type of terrorism and this will include the Israeli occupation of Palestine. “Talking about terrorism comes only when talking about Muslims and the Middle East, but the massacres practiced by Israel and Guantanamo prison or the mobile US prisons or others aren’t defined as terrorism,” Shaaban said. She affirmed that the parliamentary elections in Syria are constitutional requirement and a duty that comes within the natural works of the state and that there is no reservation by Russia regarding the elections.