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Enlarge font size Reduce font size Syrian film "Mariam" wins grand award at Oran Festival in Algeria

The Syrian cinema movie "Mariam" won the first place at Oran Arab Film Festival held in Algeria and was granted the Golden Wahr Award.

Director Bassel al-Khateeb directed and participated in writing and making the film's scenario along with Taleed al-Khateeb.

The movie received wide turnout, attracting many viewers and critics alike.

The movie tells different stories of 3 women during different time periods in Syria, starting with the first Mariam in 1918, and the second Mariam, a Christian widow who lost her mother by Israeli bombing on a church during June War in 1967 and later got jailed, while her daughter survived to be adopted by a Muslim woman from Damascus.

The third woman however lives at the current time and is the granddaughter of the 1918's Mariam's sister. The Syrian film "Mariam" won the first place jointly with the Egyptian film "Harj wa Marj".