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President al-Assad: Failure of Western states and Turkey in the battle in Aleppo means failure of outside project and the transformation of the course of the war in Syria
Enlarge font size Reduce font size Syria: The freedom of expression of the west stops where its interests are threatened

An article by the French journalist Allain Jules, published in 7 August 2012 on his website:

Author's slogan: “It’s better to die standing up than living bending the knees” Dolores Ibárruri Gómez

The devil always wears as Prada or an Angel, even wearing brilliant praises to justify his barbarity. The western elites, while they are very clean, smoking, their deep thoughts are so deeply impure. The freedom of expression of the west stops where its interests are threatened or doesn’t count anymore. A communiqué of the terrorist group Jabhat Al-Nusra, closely connected to Al-Qaeda, last Friday (3 August) confirmed the abduction and execution of the journalist of Syrian TV Mohamed Al-Saeed. If you remember, this group is the same that declared its responsibility of the attack of Damascus that caused 55 dead people. The atrocity of the muscled interrogation and acts of torture he was a victim of didn’t produce a reaction in the west.

A video published online in which the flag of Al-Qaeda appears, showed the journalist wearing a blue polo, and tied to the wall. However, the freedom of informing, the right to be informed is a universal right for a human that is unalterable and must not be violated, doesn’t matter what position he takes. But, it seems that this is too much to demand from the west that never hesitates considering you as a terrorist if you don’t adhere to their thesis. You may remember Daniel Pearl, assassinated by the Pakistani Taliban, and all the stress in the western media – for one title from abroad – to lynch, execute without a trial, the Al-Qaeda and the Islamic terrorism. An instance that is closer to us, the case of Gilles Jacquier that we have dismantled here, who has been killed while accompanied with pro-Assad people (8 of them were also killed), but the western media launched a fierce attack against the Syrian “regime”, without evoking those 8 pro-Assad victims, without any verification. The Syrian authority was accused before the image of the event got clear. And when the image got clear, the same media, especially the French one, dared to talk about a “smudge of rebels!”

Only “reporters without borders” were worried, with some reserve, about the TV presenter at Syrian official TV, Mohamed Al-Saeed, who was kidnapped from his home in a quarter in the suburbs of Damascus, on 20 July 2012. His family and close friends hadn’t known anything about him since that day until the declaration of his terrifying assassination by the terrorists of Al-Nusra. Have you heard those media barkers, those human-like monsters guided by their chiefs, daring to say something about that? They didn’t say anything simply because Mohamed Al-Saeed was pro-Assad, and they can’t turn around. They stayed silent for the terrorists in Syria and their allies and supporters in the west, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

It’s to you to judge, because every time we denounce something, accusations are ready against us by the western elites, of course, not by your grocery nor by your partner in club. It’s not other than the truth that they are mean and ferocious. This is why they enslaved other people for 4 centuries. Hitler, it’s them. The atomic bomb launched on Nagasaki and Hiroshima is also them! But they pretend to seek bringing peace to the world. What kind of peace? Tell them about Napoleon and his crimes. They don’t hesitate accusing to be dictator anybody who resist their diktat that is the true dictatorship.

Translated into English by Engineer Iyad Khuder.