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President al-Assad: Failure of Western states and Turkey in the battle in Aleppo means failure of outside project and the transformation of the course of the war in Syria
Enlarge font size Reduce font size The alleged massacre of Halfaya

While I get the report of Syrian TV, we can refer to this video of the
alleged massacre

First, in a version of the video published by the websites of
opposition they say the date: Saturday 21-11!

Second, As usual, the bodies doesn't seem to be distorted as it's
expected in a bombardment.

Third, there are many militants in the location (Kindly see attached picture)

Forth (Most important): in a version of the videos published by the
opposition websites, it appears a guy putting a bread on a spot of
blood in the street:

09:40 They put bread in the blood so it looks the place was a bakery!

Fifth, most of the bodies are for men while they say that Syrian army
bombarded civilians when they were buying bread (how evil is Syrian

Sixth (Also important): The village of Hilfaya had been attacked by
militants few days before this massacre.

Seventh: The building of the bakery is not destroyed or heavily
damaged!  (Kindly see attached picture)

From the previous points we, Syrians believe it is just like the
previous massacres:
The terrorists of FSA/Qaeda commit atrocities and massacres, gather
the bodies of their victims, prepare the locations and start filming
and send the video AGAINST BIG SUMS OF MONEY to Aljazeera, Al-Arabiya
and BBC Arabic. But most of times Aljazeera has EXCLUSIVE rights in
this bloody job!

The latter, Aljazeera, usually DOESN'T BROADCAST IT IMMEDIATELY, it
chooses the OPTIMAL moment, such as:
The night just before a session at UN council,
A conference of "friends of Syrian people or other conference
or, as this time, just before the visit of Ibrahimi to Syria.

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