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President al-Assad issues two decrees defining tasks of Administrative Development Ministry and cooperative farmers associations
 Le bulletin d, \'information sur Syrian TV,13/09/2014
From the Media
Press TV: Turkey remains main route for ISIL
Scottish Girl Fighting in Syria Vows to Hoist Isis Flag in UK
Saudi Arabia to host training bases for Syria militants: US officials
Ignoring imperial past licenses a likely repeat
Obama\'s Middle East dilemma
Palestinian affairs are not Israel's concern
Al-Jazaeri: Facilitating importation licenses to broaden basis of trade movement
Syria invites Belarusian industrial companies to boost investments and contribute to reconstruction process
Transport Minister, Belarus Ambassador discuss agreements signed by the two countries
The Doha Council has lost its -sole- status!
Islamist rebels for France: Terrorists in Mali, friends in Syria!
Main stream media keep playing the same tone about the Russian change
  ALBUM      Tourism
The monastery of Mar-Taqla, St. Taqla in Maloula
Syria al-Kheir festival kicks off in Takiyye Suleymaniye in Damascus
Various artistic, musical, and entertainment activities in Young Tourist Festival
New exhibition exposing terrorists’ sabotage against Syrian archeological sites in Paris