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Security Council calls for a ceasefire in Gaza Strip
 Daliy Newscast of Syrian Tv .12/07/2014
From the Media
Only Resistance, Retaliation, Can End Zionists Crimes on Gaza - ˈKayhan Internationalˈ
SIL uses tanks from Iraq to drive tens of thousands of Syrians from their homes: World Tribune
CIA Had Role in Germany Spy Affair: Report
Ignoring imperial past licenses a likely repeat
Obama\'s Middle East dilemma
Palestinian affairs are not Israel's concern
Communications Ministry: Work to launch e-government project continues
Website of Anti-Money Laundering Commission launched
Local exchange companies inspected
The Doha Council has lost its -sole- status!
Islamist rebels for France: Terrorists in Mali, friends in Syria!
Main stream media keep playing the same tone about the Russian change
  ALBUM      Tourism
The monastery of Mar-Taqla, St. Taqla in Maloula
Authorities retrieve two archeological items from terrorists
Graphic arts exhibition at People’s Hall in Damascus
Tourism Ministry holds “Ramadan lanterns” activity in Asaad Pasha Khan in Damascus